The Bedford Centre Historians

NikihomeNicola Phillips is a gender historian at Royal Holloway and Editor of this blog. She teaches and researches women and gender in Britain c.1660-1820, focusing on family conflict, female litigants and women in business. She is also interested in researching and promoting public histories and representations of women online, on film  in museums, statues, heritage sites and the media. You can contact Nicola by email and follow her on twitter @NicolaHistorian .


Jane Hamlett is a historian of modern Britain and expert on women and gender, families, private life, the home, residential institutions, and the material world. She teaches in the Faculti pic History Department at Royal Holloway, University of London and is currently researching a history of family photography and the history of pets in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. You can follow Jane on Twitter @JaneHamlett.



Stella Moss is a historian of modern Britain who is currently working on a monograph, based on her doctoral thesis, about women’s drinking in the English public house, 1914-39.

Adam McKie, Bedford Centre Administrator, is a first-year PhD student researching industrial welfare, gender and leisure in interwar England. His work focuses on the way class hierarchies and gender identities were reproduced in ‘company villages’, and explores how activities provided by employers can be viewed as a means of social and gender control. He is also currently writing a book on the history of women’s cricket in interwar England. Please email: Twitter: @AdamPMcKie