Pioneering Bedford College alumni. L-R: Sarah Parker Remond, George Eliot and Dr Elizabeth Blackwell. [All images: WikiCommons]

Bedford College and Royal Holloway University London have a proud history of women in education, and many of our alumni were pioneers who made significant contributions to their fields and to society.

We will be posting details about the lives and contributions of Bedford College alumni here – do get in touch if you know of any Bedford College alumni not mentioned here, or if you know of any alumni in your family history.

For the latest information about all Bedford and Royal Holloway alumni, go to the main Alumni home page and to see our new online version of the alumni magazine Higher click here.  Through these sites alumni can inform us of any address changes, keep up to date with our news and events as well as find out how they can get involved in college activities. We also have an active social media presence – twitter is @rhbncalumni, Facebook is Royal Holloway and Bedford New College Alumni and our Linkedin group is Royal Holloway and Bedford New College Alumni and Friends Official.