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Find links to teaching and educational resources here. [Image: Sketch of unknown woman and children, probably a teacher and pupils, by Louisa Anne. National Portrait Gallery/WikiCommons]

Find links to educational and teaching resources here. [Image: Sketch of unknown woman and children, probably a teacher and pupils, by Louisa Anne Beresford. National Portrait Gallery/WikiCommons]

Beamish, The Living Museum of the North has produced a number of teaching resources for those visiting the museum. Several of these resources cover women’s history, including ‘Who’s Going to Mind the Bairn – Teenage Pregnancy’ and ‘Suffragettes on the High Street – Campaign and Debate’.

British Library, Sisterhood and After lesson plans include a range of topics, such as Activism, Education, and Race, Place and Nation.

Cardiff University Information Services has produced a list of resources to use for teaching women’s history and gender history. See their website for resources on Fashion, Music, Travel and more.

Film Education, Made in Dagenham is a teaching resource to accompany the 2010 film about the history of the Equal Pay Act.

Jewish Time Jump: New York lesson plans and activities were produced by the Jewish Women’s Archive and ConverJent. The lessons plans, which accompany the mobile game Jewish Time Jump, include traditional Jewish texts and stories about contempoary labour issues across the world.

Library of Congress, Women’s History Lesson Plans is a US based site with resources on a range of topics in women’s history.

National Union of Teachers – Equal Pay and the Equal Pay Act 1970 is a detailed description of the history of equal pay and includes links to several teaching resources.

Parliament (UK) Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans includes several resources for teaching the history of the Suffragettes. See the Votes for Women and Women and the Vote lesson plans.

People’s History Museum and Rachel Blair-King have produced a Key Stage 3 Resource called ‘Deeds Not Words: The Fight for Women’s Suffrage, 1900-1918’.

Scholastic, Women’s History Month: A Collection of Teaching Resources is a US based site with resources on historic events, women’s history month and biographies of pioneering women.

Sheroes of History Resources include fact sheets and an interactive celebrating women of colour for Black History Month.

Smithsonian Education Women’s History Teaching Resources features links and online exhibitions about the history of women in the US.

St Fagan’s National History Museum has produced teaching resources on ‘Welsh Women’s History 1900-1918’. The resources aim to address the invisibility of Welsh women’s voices in history.

Teaching Women’s History is part of the student-led AHRC funded project ‘Moving Beyond Boundaries: Gender, Knowledge, History’. You can read more about the project and see their teaching resources on Medieval Women, Early Modern Witchcraft, Georgian Women, and Muslim Women and Migration here.

TES Women’s History Month resources includes a broad range of education and teaching resources on women’s history.

The National Archives ‘The Victorians’ Teaching Resources includes educational resources and activities on the history of women in the Victorian period.

Working Class Movement Library has produced a range of teaching resources, including a teaching pack on ‘Women’s Struggle for the Vote’.