‘Women and War in the British Empire’ Bedford Centre Lecture

the-raj-at-war ed1

The Annual Bedford Centre Lecture this year will be given by Dr Yasmin Khan.  Drawing on  themes from her recent book, The Raj at War: A Peoples’ History of India’s Second World War (Bodley Head, 2015), Yasmin will discuss the role that women played in twentieth century warfare across the British Empire. They could be mothers, wives, labourers, nurses, prostitutes or military officers. Women were often crucial to the feasibility of military campaigns in the Second World War, but also resisted and challenged conventional warfare. In focusing on these ‘ordinary’ women, Yasmin will also examine how military histories have obscured the centrality of women to imperial warfare.

yasmin khan picture (1)

Yasmin Khan is an Associate Professor of History at the University of Oxford where she teaches in the Department for Continuing Education and author of the highly acclaimed The Great Partition: the Making of India and Pakistan (Yale, 2007)  and is interested in the history of modern South Asia, decolonization and refugees.

The Lecture, which is free and does not need pre-booking, starts at 6pm on Tuesday 15th March in the Management Building Lecture Theatre at Royal Holloway and anyone is welcome to attend. This year’s lecture is particularly special because it marks the re-launch of the Bedford Centre, the start of this blog and, the campaign to commemorate African American Abolitionist and Bedford College alumna, Sarah Parker Remond. So, we will be celebrating with a drinks party afterwards to which everyone is equally welcome. We hope to see you there!


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